We create a safe and secure IT hub through our carefully selected partners, ensuring that we can offer the most dynamic IT platform and be a total supplier of innovative and tailored packages.We are, and always will be a hub for our users who only need to contact us to use our knowledge, experience and relationships in the counselling of their business.

Integration for Gantner Technologies

Gantner Technologies is a leading manufacturer in the field of contactless access control, electronic locking systems and cashless transactions. By integrating Gantner you get a number of benefits. These benefits involve:

  • Fast and efficient access, reducing queues and the need for staff
  • Door sign-in; controls of the members which are in the center
  • Key and lock handling is eliminated when this is administered using bracelets
  • Additional sales and minimizing cash handling through cashless vending machines
  • The automation of sales reduces the need for staff in the reception
  • Limits the cheating by using finger scan
  • Automatic attendance to team
  • Also available without internet

Integration for Biostar

Biostar is our newest integration partner. Biostar will allow to automate your center even more beneficial to both members and staff. Biostar offers a number of advantages, which are listed below:

  • Door sign-in; safe and efficient access of members
  • Ability to use the membership number and code to access
  • Reduces the ability for members to cheat by using finger scan
  • Mifare-card is possible
  • Registration and delivery of the membership number and code is through the Webshop
  • Automatic check-in for classes/fitness
  • Access though there is no internet connection (Offline-mode)



Integration for GoCardless



About GoCardless

We’re bringing Direct Debit into the digital age, building the best system for taking recurring payments.

GoCardless is creating a new international payments network to rival credit and debit cards. Our ambition is to break down barriers so businesses can quickly and easily take payments from anyone, anywhere in the world.

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GDPR Compliant Software

Our software has been adjusted to ensure that the user has all the necessary tools to cope with GDPR regulations.

All the options within the system can be tuned to fit the preferences.

GDPR Compliant


eGYM Integration

Our software can be integrated with smart-gyms, meaning that every member can be converted automatically to Egym and their features.





SmartPhone Booking App

We have developed our own App which can be used in every package and solution.

However, if you wish to have your own branded app, we also have the possiblity to customize it in collaboration with the customer.

Works on Android and Apple Smartphones.

Within the booking app members can

  • Book classes
  • Cancel Bookings
  • See waiting lists
  • See other attendances (If allowed)
  • Get a full overview on upcoming classes
  • Register a new credit card
  • See a full training history and log

Staff members get extended functions

  • Book members
  • Cancel Classes
  • Send messages out regarding cancelled classes
  • Check-in members for a class


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